As a Pro Golfer I attend and manage golf days for businesses, play golf with existing and potential clients, and compete in professional tournaments and pro ams.

My support for your business may include is not limited to;

- Attending or managing a golf day for you.

- Running a "Beat The Pro' challenge at your golf day.

- Playing golf with your exisiting or potential clients to develop relationships.

- Using your branded equipment or wearing your brand on my clothing at all golf events.



Social network concept

I work with individuals and businesses to improve their marketing strategy and activities to enhance performance.

Advising, training or managing your social media accounts and paid advertising campaigns, 7 days a week.

My support may include but is not limited to the; following areas;

- Marketing strategy.

- Branding.

- Graphic design.

- Marketing literature.

- Partnerships.

- Content creation.

- Videos and images.

- Social media.

- Social media campaigns.

- Advertising.



NASM Level 4 Golf Fitness Specialist
Level 4 Strength and Conditioning

Back9GolfPerformance goal is to provide the very best performance coaching from years of experience and consistent results across a range of players, from tour professionals to weekend recreational golfers using a blend of current sports science and years of knowledge.

  •  6 Week Golf related 
    Strength and Conditioning Programme (£30)

  • 45 minute one to one sessions (£30)